First Time For Everything

First time visiting a Bucee’s and it was on our way to Dallas.

First trip to Ft. Worth Stockyard.

First time at Medieval Times. (Dallas)

First Indycar Race (Texas Motor Speedway)

First picture.

Better first picture even though it is blurry.

First swim meet (LSU Vs Florida if Papa remembers correctly)

Dale Brown.

This is a last. The day Papa sold the old green truck so it was my last time playing in it.

This is my first guitar but this is not the day I received it, it was just one of the days I was rockin’ it.

First LSU Gymnastics Meet. (LSU Vs Texas)

First time to ride my sled.

First flight. (New Orleans to Orlando)

First time in Texas.

First pony ride.

First time rock climbing.

First Trampoline Park.

First time flying a kite.

First pair of heals and I am a natural.

First time picking strawberries. (Strawbaberries)

First Disney on Ice show. (Baton Rouge River Center)

First Dentist visit.

First snowball just for me.

First visit to the Knock Knock Museum (Bailey’s Birthday Party)

First picture with Coach.

First soccer match. (LSU Vs Villanova)

First time to meet Minnie Mouse.

First movie theater. (AMC at the Mall to see The Princess and the Frog.)

First… nevermind.

First racetrack.

First Sunday Brunch. (Chimes East)

First time playing peek-a-boo with Mike in Death Valley.

First LSU Vs SLU Football game in 69 years.

First visit to a brewery. (Liger Release Party)

First Student of the Month award.